As founder of Skipjack Boats, Jack Cole's vast experience
gained in designing and building over 4,000 boats and our
combined knowhow of 150 years in yachting, sport fishing,
and high technology industry have created one of the
most innovative and cost-effective boats on the market.

Our vision is to build custom boats that offer owners
maximum open-water cruising at minimal operating cost.
In our mind that's what boat ownership should be about.

Starting in 2007, we set out to develop the NC22 from
the keel up.  We commissioned  Robert King of ' King
Yacht Design' to design the hull.  We then joined his
design with the most advanced propulsion system on the
market and surrounded both with the finest materials
and components. We re-thought every aspect of design,
fabrication and assembly to achieve exceptional levels of
quality in form, function, fit and finish.
Newport Classic Boats
Company Background
'In joining traditional crafts with the finest materials, hull with engine, form with function, fit with finish, time tested
skills with new methods, we are confident in having achieved a versatile boat of exceptional value'.
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