NC22 Turbo Diesel common rail Yanmar
Way ahead of the curve in fuel efficiency

    With ever increasing fuel costs we chose diesel propulsion to power our boats.  Modern, clean burning, common rail
    diesel engines are proven to exceed all other propulsion systems in cost effectiveness:

  • They are more rugged and reliable
  • Their maintenance cost is lower by about half over gasoline engines
  • Fuel cost per HP produced is 30 to 50 % lower than that of gasoline engines
  • Their torque in low to mid rpm range is considerably higher
  • They outlast gasoline engines by a factor of three to one

    With 75 gallons of fuel on board, operating range of the NC22 shifts to a new level of nautical performance

  • At cruise speed of 20 MPH effective range approaches an astonishing 430 miles
  • Maximum speed for the BMW-Yanmar 150 hp common rail diesel is approximately 30 mph
  • At 2,500 rpm, average speed is 18 mph at 7 mpg
  • At 1,800 rpm, average speed is 10 mph at 9.5 mpg

    If numbers are your thing our technical data below gives you everything we have.

Note:  Speed, fuel, and range performance data are estimates and are not guaranteed.  They are directly influenced by weather, wind, water
condition, and weight on board.  The above was obtained with a Sportfisher and an 150 HP BMW-Yanmar engine.  The test took place off the
coast of Newport Beach in California on September 4, 2009 with 2 people on board, 75 gal of fuel and 18 gal of  water.
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